APSIPA Transactions on Signal and Information Processing

Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association (APSIPA) serves as an international forum for signal and information processing researchers across a broad spectrum of research, ranging from traditional modalities of signal processing to emerging areas where either (i) processing reaches higher semantic levels (e.g., from speech recognition to multimodal human behaviour recognition) or (ii) processing is meant to extract information from datasets that are not traditionally considered signals (e.g., mining of Internet or sensor information).

To encourage more to participate in our ASC, papers accepted for APSIPA transactions from Jan ‘22 to Oct ‘23 can be presented in the coming APSIPA ASC 2023 without the need to submit conference papers; these would still need to register for the conference.

To continue to solicit outstanding special-session/regular papers to be extended into the APSIPA transactions submission, TPC Co-Chairs of APSIPA ASC 2023 are to solicit such papers for a special issue dedicated to APSIPA ASC 2023, and try to integrate this process of shortlisting excellent papers during the review/decision process. The liaison persons from APSIPA ASC ’23 side are Prof. Jia-Ching Wang, TPC Co-Chair, and Alice Tsao, Secretary, while the liaison person from APSIPA transactions side is Prof. Weisi Lin.

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